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The verbal roll in…

The last few weeks have had moments. Beautiful, wondrous, surprising moments that I have wanted to shout from the roof tops. It’s almost as if I have been in a euphoric state waiting to hear my alarm go off…
But no, it’s all real. She’s real, the communication and the words I am hearing are real.

In just the 2 months since Summer has started attending her autism facilitated preschool program we are seeing unbelievable progress.

We learned through play-therapy that Summer, when asked, “Summer show me ….” can show us letters, shapes, numbers, and colors. Incredible. It doesn’t end there though…

She has started to say single words and pair two words together. Much of it is repeating, scripting, and requesting. I thought it was a dream. It’s not, they’re not, it’s real, the words are real and they continue to roll in. Mommy, Daddy, Mom-mom, Daddad, kitty, dog, one, two, three, four, five, red, green, blue, chips, rock, pool, I go, like it, no, various sounds, animals sounds; cow, duck, chicken, dog, and bird. She is pretty much attempting to say anything we ask her to. She is trying so hard too. It’s like a verbal tsunami!!

She walked to the garden with her dad to check on the vegetables and fruits. Sam pulled up two cucumbers and Summer chimed in “peekles!” Cucumbers-pickles, she was on the right track. Sam said, “How many pickles?” Summer responded, “tu.” She is amazing.

She completely blew our minds this past week. Sam and I were reading her alphabet book with her and we decided to switch up our approach. Sam pointed to each letter and asked, “Summer, what is this letter?” She proceeded to verbally sound out EVERY letter!! Correctly at that!

The amount of joy that I feel hearing my daughter speak is an emotion that no one could ever explain in words. I am so Proud, surprised, and hopeful of what is to come.

~Kelly Kristine


The sweetest song ever sung…

I have recently been blessed to hear the most beautiful sound in the world, at least to me anyway. Summer has started to clearly speak a handful of words. “Mom” “Dad” “Apple” “help” and a few more.

Let me explain, she has a few various ran together sayings aka “jargon” that she constantly vocalizes and is very animated. However, clearly spoken words that are understandable to others are rare and usually sparatic.

I will never forget that glorious moment. It happend as the family was sitting down eating dinner. Summer was in her high chair, babbling away to all of us as she picked at her food, as usual.

That is when it happend. Clear as can be, “Mom” “Dad” “Mmom” Ddad” “Mommom” “Daddad” “Mmommom” “Ddadddad” I swear, it had a sing-song flow to it. It was mesmerizing, time in that moment stopped. I didn’t want it to end. I imagined what her voice would sound like saying other words. I stared at her and clung to that moment until the cl.

It was music to my ears. Who would have thought!? Hearing the sound of your child’s voice, speaking words, may not be something you ever thought twice about. It may be be the miracle you are waiting for with baited breathe (don’t give up) it maybe the most recent accomplishment for you child. Regardless, I know it is something that every parent wants.

Hearing my daughter sing those few basic words were in my opinion, the sweetest song that was ever sung.

She has continued to occasionally serenade us with her special song. She even sang it at preschool during lunch time!

I am just so proud. I hope these are just a few of many words we will hear from my wild child.

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