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A True Friend and Priceless Companion…

I thought that I would explain about what’s to come next on our journey with 4 Paws for Ability and Summer receiving her autism service dog…


Our family was blessed to have had an anonymous donor donate the remaining funds needed for us to reach our fundraising goal with 4 Paws for Ability!

What now, you ask?..

4 Paws is very serious about their “match” process. The pups are trained case specific to be the perfect “match” for your child, their personality and their needs. Which means Summer’s Pup may not even be born yet…

4 Paws for Ability’s dogs are fully trained when placed with their child/vet. They go through multiple programs (foster and prison) and have months of intense training before they are ready. The service dogs are a year old (sometimes older) when they are placed. 4 Paws doesn’t place a dog that isn’t ready, or that doesn’t have the right temperament.

We are in the August 2017 class; Between now and our class date Summer’s dog will be born, trained, and matched specifically to/for her. We must film a “getting to know us” video. It will be an extremely detailed video documenting various aspects of Summer and our family’s life. This will be sent to 4 Paws for Ability 4-5 months prior to our class date. This aids them in the “match process” and determining which dog is going to be the perfect “match” for Summer…

I estimate we will be filming around this time next year…Closer to our class date we will send some of Summer’s clothing as well. Along with being trained in team tethering and performing various behavior disruptions, her service dog will also be trained for tracking, her scent, Key words: TRACK HER.

That means that any of the litters born now through August of this year, one of the pups- we won’t know which one, will be Summer’s future autism service dog aka, her “furever friend!” For dogs trained in scent tracking 4 Paws’ uses larger breeds such as; Goldens, Labs, Golden doodles, Poodles, German retrievers, and Glabs. The suspense is just too exciting! Let the Puppy stalking begin!

The entire puppy/dog raising and training process is very thought out and organized. The puppies are in the the puppy house at the 4 Paes for Ability facility until they are 12 weeks old. Next, they can go to one of the 4 Paws’ “Mission Pawsible; Prison programs” or a Traditional foster home. The pups that go to prison stay in prison for about 4-6weeks, making them around 5 months old at this point. They can then go to a college participating in the 4 Paws’ program; “Paws on Campus” or a traditional foster home that wanted a prison puppy since they have started them on the basics of training. Finally the dogs go back to the 4 Paws for Ability facility when they’re 9-11 months old for advanced training. Some dogs are ready for advanced training around 10 months The puppies are in advanced training for around 4 months give or take -depending on what they are being trained to be working on. Each dog is different, just like kids. It all comes down to the dog itself.

I am confident that whichever dog fate chooses is the dog for Summer, I’m sure they will be the most very perfect match for my girl. Good things lie ahead for us this year.
I just know it.


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