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The sweetest song ever sung…

I have recently been blessed to hear the most beautiful sound in the world, at least to me anyway. Summer has started to clearly speak a handful of words. “Mom” “Dad” “Apple” “help” and a few more.

Let me explain, she has a few various ran together sayings aka “jargon” that she constantly vocalizes and is very animated. However, clearly spoken words that are understandable to others are rare and usually sparatic.

I will never forget that glorious moment. It happend as the family was sitting down eating dinner. Summer was in her high chair, babbling away to all of us as she picked at her food, as usual.

That is when it happend. Clear as can be, “Mom” “Dad” “Mmom” Ddad” “Mommom” “Daddad” “Mmommom” “Ddadddad” I swear, it had a sing-song flow to it. It was mesmerizing, time in that moment stopped. I didn’t want it to end. I imagined what her voice would sound like saying other words. I stared at her and clung to that moment until the cl.

It was music to my ears. Who would have thought!? Hearing the sound of your child’s voice, speaking words, may not be something you ever thought twice about. It may be be the miracle you are waiting for with baited breathe (don’t give up) it maybe the most recent accomplishment for you child. Regardless, I know it is something that every parent wants.

Hearing my daughter sing those few basic words were in my opinion, the sweetest song that was ever sung.

She has continued to occasionally serenade us with her special song. She even sang it at preschool during lunch time!

I am just so proud. I hope these are just a few of many words we will hear from my wild child.


Summer’s Angel’s, not be confused with “Charlie’s.”

“Thanks for the adventure,
Now go have a new one”
~Ellie “UP”

The month of May was full of changes, transitions, and goodbyes. This month we said goodbye to our Early Intervention therapists and hello to “big girl” preschool. It was not an easy goodbye, I would have to say it was bittersweet. We did not want to see our Angel’s go. However, they knew, I knew, we all knew, our wild child was ready for her next adventure.

Our family began working with the Pa Early Intervention program after the evaluation of Summer’s development in January of 2014. They determined that she showed delays in communication/speech, Social development, and her cognitive development. Early Intervention decided to assign her a speech Therapist to work with her on communication development also a special coordinator teacher to work with her on her social and cognitive development. They came into our home one hour a day once a week.

Summer’s development was showing nice improvement. However, we were still concerned and knew of the possibility that she could have autism. The CATCH team-who are the specialists that test for possible spectrum disorders evaluated Summer on June 10th of 2014. The results determined that her medical diagnosis was; autism spectrum disorder, mixed receptive-expressive language disorder, and delayed milestones.

Following her evaluation and diagnosis the Early Intervention team decided to add an occupational therapist to Summer’s therapy regimen. So then there were three…
Three therapists coming into our home, helping us to; reach our child, connect with our child, guide our child, and help our child blossom in a way that warms my heart more than any words I could ever write.

Summer started attending the daycare and preschool I work at in July of 2014. Our family and the Early Intervention team thought it would be beneficial for her social development and transitioning anxieties. We also felt it would be a nice way for her to “get her feet wet” in regards to her experience with a structured educational setting. We already knew she would attend preschool in a year so I wanted “school” to become familiar to her.

We were right. Summer loved daycare. She loved her classroom teachers and new friends. Her Early Intervention therapists would come to work with her both at home and at school, depending on the day. We were seeing wonderful progress in Summer, we were all comfortable with the schedule and it just worked. We knew that inevitably, our time with Early Intervention would come to an end, this weighted heavy on all of our hearts…

Who could have known that three women that had come into our lives as strangers, would grow to be our friends, family, and in my eyes, Summer’s Angels….

How do you thank one for helping you to “connect” with your child. My heart is full and I will always cherish our time with Early Intervention. They gave me the knowledge, courage, confidence, and hope to be the advocating autism parent I am currently striving to be.

A child that would not look to you when you called her name, would not make eye contact with you, did not like to be touched, and struggled to communicate has now been given wings to soar to new heights!!
Summer is very social, she will now come to her name when she is called, is starting to say about 5-10 words, is using the PEC system to communicate, is extremely affectionate, loves learning, school, and is extremely intelligent. She is ready, Ready for her next adventure!

We have her Angel’s to thank for that…
“Charlie” had three Angel’s… Summer also had three Angel’s. They will always have a piece of our heart…

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