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Dear Miss “A,”

The day had finally arrived, the day we tour Summer’s Preschool classroom.

This particular preschool class facilitates and specializes in the developmental needs of children diagnosed with Autism. She will be starting the program very soon. Like, the end of the month soon. Summer’s transition of her special needs developmental education plan will take place the day of her third birthday…I have had my anxieties about this day for what seems like months!! I’ve worried about Summer’s case being transferred from the Pa Early Intervention Program to the Pa Department of education, having to say our goodbyes to her three early intervention therapists that have now become like family to us. Oh, and that one really nerve-racking thing, Summer not being in the same building as me. Being in a completely different school than her normal daycare and preschool (Where I teach preschool).

However, my anxieties were soon put to rest after we arrived. Upon our arrival Summer’s program coordinator greeted us to escort us to Summer’s classroom. As we walked down the hallway that would lead us to Summer’s classroom I was extremely impressed with their abundance of sensory friendly equipment such as; slides, ramps, roller scooters, oversized exercise balls. The outside playground was amazing! Then, we entered the classroom that Summer would soon be walking into routinely. I was very impressed. From the welcoming, friendly appearance of the classroom to the attentiveness that the teachers were showing the children. I liked that there were various visuals and aides that are obviously meant to build communication and aid the children with understanding and becoming comfortable with the daily routine.

Most importantly though, I noticed you. I picked you out immediately. The lead teacher. Miss “A.” You are young. Very young. Slim, athletic build, with a positive and bubbly aura…I wonder if this is what you always wanted to pursue as a career. You must have attended college fresh out of high school. You were assisting a child. The warm smile you had on your face told me your attention was intently focused on the child and the activity. Yet somehow you were immediately aware that a presence entered your classroom. An aide took your place and you happily came over to greet us. Your gentle eyes and cheery smile told me (I do feel I am a pretty good judge of character) that this is not just your job, but your passion. It is clear that you love what you do and that you are the breed of teacher that does truly care.

Summer walked in like a rock star. She joined the group as they were participating in floor play with musical instruments. She played right along like she had been there forever. She loved the special attention that she was given by Miss “A” when she got down on the floor to play with Summer.
I am happy, I am proud, and I am confident. In Summer, in myself and in you, Miss “A.”

You see, entrusting Summer in your care is a big step for this Mama bear. I want to say “Thank You.” Thank you, for making the first step that much more comfortable for Summer and I, thank you for making us feel welcomed, secure, and for easing our anxieties. Finally, Thank you, for making me feel like my child is important, and that she truly matters.
As a mom, I felt that and that means more to me than I could ever put here into words. Thank you Miss “A.” We look forward to Summer’s care, development and progress being in your hands.

Summer is going to Rock this preschool!!

~Summer’s Mom

~Kelly Kristine


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