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I’ll never stop asking, even if I never get an answer

I teach preschool at the daycare and preschool that my daughter attends two days a week. When she started coming to school with me her transition from being home with Mom-mom to school with teachers was rough at first. However, after a while she began to love it! Daycare became part of her routine and she looked forward to going to school.

I know this because I have plenty of moments to sneak a peek, since we are in the same building. She has really became “part of the group” in her little classroom. I am so proud of her.
Our ride home is pretty routine (as long as we leave happy and in a good mood) It is one of my favorite parts of the day. After buckling Summer into her seat and pulling off I always begin;

Me: Summer, did you have a good day at school?

Summer: (Full faced big smile)…

Me: Yes, I know. You had a good day. You’re a good girl! Did you have fun playing with all of your friends?

Summer: (Still smiling along to her own chorus of giggles and shrieks of pure joy) oy yoy yoy..

Me: I know, you love your friends. You are a nice girl and they like to play with you too. Are you excited to go home to see Daddy, Cameron, Mom-mom, and Grampie?

Summer: (smiling and laughing) Eeeeeeee goy goy hehehe

Me: Yes Summie, they will all be excited to see you too. I’m so happy that you had a good day. You’re Mommy’s good, big girl.

I feel that asking your child how their day was is such an important thing to do as parent. One of the most important things to do in my opinion. You are asking about them and their well-being during a time in which you were not the one that was solely caring for them and you were not the only one interacting with them. I couldn’t imagine not asking, let alone not knowing about how my children’s day had been. Even if Summer does not have the language to tell me, I can read her emotions, facial expressions and mood. I make a solid effort to communicate with her Mom-mom, teachers and therapists about how she has been when I have not been the one with her.
I know every family has their problems, their own struggles; possibly similar but always different. Maybe, you are tired, you may have had a bad day at work, or possibly you are stressing about bills, worrying about appointments, dinner, laundry, who knows!? But my point is…Stop!

Focus on four words that could make all the difference in your child’s day; “How was your day?” Regardless of your child’s abilities, or lack of abilities, it matters to them. It makes them know that they matter to you.

That is why I will never stop asking “How was your day?” Even if I never get an answer.

~Kelly Kristine


Yes, sleepovers are part of our routine. 

My sister and I are 11 years apart. My sister wanted a sibling so badly. She didn’t treat me the way your typical older sibling may treat a much younger sibling. I was never a burden to her. She wanted me around, she loved including me in her activities, taking me with to hang out with her friends and always giving more than I ever gave. She wanted to have a close sister bond. A bond that I never gave to her, a bond that she so greatly deserved.

It wasn’t until I got much older, had my fair share of experiences with life, matured and had a child of my own, that I realized what a wonderful sister and person I took for granted. If I could change it, I would. However, time travel is not an option. We have been working on our relationship and I am grateful for this “second chance,” of being the sister that my sister deserved and still deserves. I’m extremely thankful to my daughter who was a main contributor to bridging the gap. My sister has been involved Summer in Summers’s life and has played a major role in her life since the day that she was born. She and my sister have a bond that makes my heart beam. The joy my sister and Summer both feel from this bond is indescribable. I absolutely love it.

My sister has worked for an adult assisted living program for over 15 years. Her work schedule can be chaotic and her schedule unpredictable at times. Regardless of her hectic schedule she always made a conscientious effort to visit Summer every week. She has involved herself and participated in her Early Intervention team and therapies since we began working with the program in January 2014. Summer’s EI team consists of a speech therapist, an occupational therapist and a special facilitation teacher. As time passed my sister and Summer’s bond continued to grow. Janelle’s presence became a regular part of her life and her routine.

In July of 2014 Summer started coming with me to the Daycare and Preschool that I work at three times a week. We all were a little unsure, at first, at how she would adjust to the daycare program. Especially because she was always cared for by my mom while I was at work, Janelle came to our house to visit and her therapists came to our house for her weekly sessions. It worked and I wasn’t sure if she was ready for that change. However, her therapists thought it would be good for her to try. Thankfully, she transitioned wonderfully! She loves her teachers, loves her friends and responds extremely well to the structured classroom setting. She has shown so much progress since July. Her therapists have come to both the school and our home since her attending the daycare. We formed a balanced combination of home, school, visits from Janelle and sessions with her therapist’s. They all play their own special part and have become a normal, consistent (for the most part) routine for Summer.

We then felt it was time to try something new, a sleepover! My sister and her partner have taken Summer for sleepover’s at their house for about five months now. We started off slow with Summer going for a sleepover once a month. Eventually we worked up to twice a month and most recently, she has gone once a week for the last month or so, give or take due to my sister having to handle a few work emergencies.

They are such a big part of Summer’s progress! They always take her on different outings to different places, they practice all the various therapies we use daily in regards to her; speech, motors and sensory concerns. They are amazing. Always encouraging her to do her best but never pushing too hard. Janelle and Kim aren’t just Summer’s Aunts, they are her friends, therapists, supporters, advocates and a couple of her #1 cheerleaders. Summer looks forward to these trips just as much as her Aunts. Now, when Janelle and Kim arrive she throws her oversized purse (filled with her “heard” of stuffed animal horses) over her shoulder and off she goes.

Because yes, sleepover’s are part of our routine.

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